This just in, the media is broken

The fourth estate has been a protected part of the US since its inception. The idea of protecting free speech was to make people more aware of events around them. Thomas Jefferson said “A well informed citizenry is the best defense against tyranny.” Great. I problem I’ve long observed as it related to publicly held entities with […]

Authentically authentic for real, y’all.

Authenticity means to do what you say you will do. People use it as a marketing goal. But there’s a much bigger problem. It turns out that holding up authenticity isn’t a job for the marketing team. You’re not executing ‘authentic’ messages. What makes the messages resonate as authentic is the way we perceive them […]

Sharing smart stuff does not make *you* smart.

There’s a sort of virus that infects social media users. We want to be seen as cool, trend setting, ahead of the curve, smart. This goes to me, too. I am also guilty of editing tweets – rewriting them to get the wording just so. But original thoughts are hard. I, myself, have only about […]