Yup, I saw this on Twitter and I want to give this a read.

About Under Think It: Strategy should be the beating heart of an ad agency or marketing team. So much pumps through the team that there’s little time for training. Plus, people on the inside have been making it overly complicated for years. For those trying to break into strategy or improve at the craft, (and it is a craft) there’s no way to learn – besides getting thrown in
the fire or on piddly starter assignments. Finally, someone has put together a comprehensive set of tools for planners and strategists that won’t bore you to sleep. Adam Pierno mixes tried and true tools, real-world examples and compelling insights to make this text book something more.

Under Think It provides the basic toolkit strategists need. Readers will get a book they can keep coming back to as they work through different challenges, drawing on combinations of tools and thinking laid out. 

strategy marketing book